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Programme Subsidy Scheme
(Maths and Science)

The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (the HKAGE) operates on an inclusive basis to provide programmes and services for all students, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds, learning difficulties or disabilities. To encourage our student members to widen and deepen their learning experiences to meet their diverse needs, the HKAGE will start to subsidise student members enrolling in eligible gifted programmes held by the University Grants Committee (UGC) funded tertiary institutions from 2015 summer onwards. The subsidies will be provided on a competitive basis.

To avoid overlapping our existing programmes, a list of programmes offered by the UGC-funded tertiary institutions will be selected as eligible subsidised programmes under the selection criteria stated below.

Criteria for Selecting Subsidised Programmes

  1. At least 10 hours of total contact hours;
  2. Selection process is available for choosing suitable students for the programmes;
  3. Assessment of the participants is available in the programmes;
  4. The programmes should fit in the HKAGE curriculum structure;
  5. The programmes should be able to serve the purpose of acceleration or enrichment for gifted students;
  6. The programmes should be held by the UGC-funded tertiary institutions, preferably with the experience of conducting gifted education programmes;
  7. The programmes do not overlap with the existing HKAGE programmes.

Programme Subsidy Policy

Approved Selected Course List

For the UGC-funded institutions which are interested in recommending programmes to the HKAGE as subsidised programmes, please send the programme details via email to the HKAGE for our approval:

Submission Deadlines of Recommended Programmes by Interested Institutions (twice a year):

  1. 1 November
  2. 1 May

The approved selected course list will be updated in December and June.


For enquiries about the pilot subsidy scheme and programme recommendation, please contact Academic Programme Development Division at 3940 0102 or email to