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Programme Subsidy Scheme for Student Members
(Maths, Science
 and Personal Growth and Social Development)

The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (the HKAGE) operates on an inclusive basis to provide programmes and services for all students, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds, learning difficulties or disabilities. To encourage our student members to widen and deepen their learning experiences to meet their diverse needs, the HKAGE will start to subsidise student members enrolling in selected gifted programmes held by the University Grants Committee (UGC) funded tertiary institutions from 2015 summer onwards. The subsidies will be provided on a competitive basis.

Who are eligible for the programme subsidies?

To receive a subsidy from the HKAGE, student members should meet the following requirements:

  1. Within 120 days after the programme end date, submit:
    • the programme subsidy application form;
    • the school verification form with the school chop;
    • a copy of the programme schedule;
    • an original receipt of the programme cost; and
    • a copy of the relevant course completion certificate

  2. Have not received the HKAGE programme subsidy before within one school year;**
  3. Completed at least one HKAGE-held face-to-face workshop / course with at least 10 contact hours. The last session date of that HKAGE programme must be prior to the last session date of the subsidized programme;
  4. Passed the programme assessment and met the requirements set by the programme organisers and obtained the course completion certificates;
  5. The subsidy / finance assistance from their schools / the programme organisers / other  organisations is less than the subsidy offered by the HKAGE;

** Students cannot receive the subsidy if the subsidised programme end dates fall in one school year.

Programme Subsidy Policy and Application Form

School Verification Form

Approved Selected Course List


For enquiries about the Academic Programme Subsidy Application, please contact Academic Programme Development Division at 3940 0102 or email to

For enquiries about the Personal Growth and Social Development Programme Subsidy Application, please contact Affective Education Division at 3940 0104 or email to