Teacher Programme

One of the missions of the Academy is to facilitate the professional development of teachers and school administrators in the identification and support of gifted students within school context. Our Academy continues to provide a comprehensive series of teacher learning events, covering a wide range of topics, to support teachers and school administrators in meeting the needs of gifted students.

Thematic Seminars or Workshops

The HKAGE provides thematic seminars/ workshops on various GE topics. As these thematic learning events are also designed primarily for frontline practitioners and their cost is met from the public purse, we have decided that enrollment priority will be given to in-service principals, teachers and professional personnel (social workers and educational psychologists) in registered schools. However, we also welcome applications from pre-service teachers, educational psychologist trainees and social worker trainees when seats are available. Tertiary institution faculty, full-time undergraduates and postgraduates, as well as gifted education programme designers, coordinators, administrators of non-profit making organizations are also welcome to apply as a limited number of places will be reserved. However, personnel from non-registered schools and profit-making organisations are not eligible to join our programmes.