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For Students

To facilitate parents in paving the learning path together with their child, parents are given accounts* with functions as follows:

Parent account Functions
Username: To be provided by HKAGE

Password: HKID number of your child (with the initial character in upper case and the first 6 digits, e.g. A123456) / Passport number
  • Access to the Student Learning Profile of your child
  • View the programme and activities application result of your child

  • Enrol in parent programmes and activities

  • Update Consent on the Use of Personal Data

*Parents will be given one account only for each child (i.e. parents with two children as HKAGE student member will receive two accounts accordingly).

  1. To update your personal particulars (*name, contact number, email address) in the parent account, please visit the following website: ***Please note that the information updated for the parent account will not overwrite the information provided in the student account. The incomplete information provided will affect the enabled functions for parents and receiving the relevant correspondences (such as the confirmation and reminder email for your enrolled parent programmes) from us.
  2. To update your personal particulars (*name, contact number, address, email address) in the student account, please visit the following website: ***The incomplete information provided will affect programme application of student members.