For Students

Students Learning Profile (SLP) Online Platform is now available!

With the online platform, you can:

  1. review your learning history in HKAGE since 1 July 2010 and after;
  2. instantly update your learning record once you have successfully enrolled our programmes/activities;
  3. input learning reflection for each programme;
  4. reserve an electronic copy of the SLP within 1 Oct - 15 Oct 2018 for record (Eligible for student with full membership before Sept 1, 2017 only)Please click here for reservation details.

Please login to the SLP Online Platform below with your existing username and password for programme application:


We hope to provide schools with an overview of their students’ participation at the HKAGE for teachers to facilitate the students’ learning with us. The list of HKAGE student members and the Student Learning Profiles of those students who have given consent for the HKAGE to release their learning profiles to their schools will be available online. School personnel can click the link below and log in with the username and password sent in the previous correspondence to view the information.