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For Students

Students Learning Profile (SLP) 2016/17 hard copy is signed by the Executive Director of the HKAGE with the academy logo. If you wish to request a hard copy, please take the following steps: (For students who are with full membership before Sept 1, 2016 only)

Important Date


28 Sep - 13 Oct 2017

Procedure of reserving a hardcopy of the SLP:

1.     Write down your annual learning reflection for 2016/17 by answering the question on the platform;

2.     Check the learning records between September 2016 and August 2017 on the SLP online platform.
(i). If the records are correct,

(1) click "Updated" and

(2) click “Preview the SLP 2016/17”,

(3) click the button "Confirmed. I will collect the hard copy of SLP 2016/17 between Nov 2017 and Apr 2018" to collect a hard copy of your SLP

(ii). If the records are incorrect, report the inaccurate data by clicking the "Report Problem" link on the platform.

20 - 30 Oct 2017

Students who have reported problems about their SLPs should check the records again on the online platform. Click "Update" and preview the SLP 2016-17 if the records are correct. To collect a hard copy of your SLP, click "Confirmed. I will collect the hard copy of SLP 2016-17 between Nov 2016 and Apr 2017".

13 Nov 2017 - 27 Apr 2018

1.     Read the file Arrangements for Collection of SLP;

2.     Come to our office to collect the hard copy of your SLP 2016/17 if you have requested one.