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The HP package consists of 4 programmes, aiming to restructure the original programmes which are closely related to each other in terms of the aims and content. The package will cover the areas of history, philosophy, politics (e.g. distribution of power, allocation of social resources, defining justice, eliminating poverty, empowering underprivileged groups and promoting universal values), development of technology, global governance and leadership (as well as to local). It is expected to equip students with solid academic knowledge and humanistic-leadership skills and to encourage students to make positive changes for our society. Opportunities will be offered to students to gain inspiration learning experience ranging from studying a realistic plan to conducting a social innovative. 

Thematic Programme

Title (Course Code) Date  Type / Level Target Participant Application Application Deadline
Re-constructing Values: History, Society and Technology (HUMS1611)

7 to 28 Apr 2018

Social and Cultural Studies II Course (Level 3)

S1 to S6 HKAGE student members Information

Online Application

Application Withdrawal Form

22 March 2018 (Mon)

Programme application result will be announced on 26 Mar 2018

Re-discovering Boundaries: Borders, Nationalities and Citizenship (LEAS2132) TBC Leadership Enhancer Course (Level 3) S1 to S6 HKAGE student members


Re-distributing Powers: Ethics and Justice (LEAS3142)  TBC Leadership in Action Course (Level 4) S4 to S6 HKAGE student members


Re-shaping the Future: Social Issues, Public Policy and Entrepreneurship (LEAS3541) TBC Leadership in Action Course (Level 4) S4 to S6 HKAGE student members



Thematic Talks

Title (Talk Code) Date  Target Participant Registration Application Deadline

Introductory Talk in Humanities: From “Multiculturalism in Hong Kong” to “Backpacking Abroad” (HUMT1560)

[Venue updated]

24 Mar 2018


S1 to S6 student members of HKAGE

* (priority will be given to students who have enrolled in the above programmes)


Online Application

[Deadline extended]

22 March 2018 


For enquiries, please contact us at 3940 0102 or 3940 0191 or via email