For Students

Humanities Programmes

The humanities programmes that we offer cover the following subject areas and disciplines:

  • Chinese Language and Literature
  • English Language and Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Cultural Studies
  • Journalism and communication, etc.

These programmes are all designed for students to develop critical and creative thinking, foster an attitude of inquiry, and promote learning interest and self-directed learning.

A holistic transdisciplinary approach is adopted in the study of the humanities. In our humanities programmes, students are posed with cross-disciplinary issues and are engaged in processing information for synthesis, analysis, interpretation and evaluation to develop multiple solutions for the complex issues in our modern time.

The study of the humanities stresses life values and the values of the significant people and events in history. Students are guided to develop an understanding of competing values and the importance of individuals taking a moral stance, alongside with their intellectual development in our humanities programmes.

Our student members are given ample opportunities to pursuit their knowledge; broaden their perspectives; and reflect on their life values in the humanities studies here at the HKAGE. These are all invaluable learning opportunities and experiences on top of those that regular schooling provides.

To be a Novelist (CLLP1121)

I’m a Poet but I Don’t Know it (ELLP1212)

Comparative Literature (ELLS2262)

Historicizing Experiences and Living Memories (HUMS1021)

Art and Culture (HUMS1710)


Mathematics Programmes

Mathematics is valuable to help students develop necessary skills for lifelong learning. Apart from imparting knowledge on Mathematics to our students, our Mathematics programmes would also help students to develop their capabilities to think logically, creatively and critically, in order to cope with the demands of this information age in which knowledge is expanding drastically.

Fold Up your Math 1(MATP1021)

Trigonometry & Geometry(MATP1321)

Probability 1: Break the code, Beat the odds(MATP1511)

Speaking of Statistics(MATS1720)

Plane Geometry(MATS2310)



Sciences Programmes

Our Sciences programmes are interactive and excitiing. We provide programmes of a wide range of topics, e.g. Biotechnology, Astronomy, Robotics, Information Technology, Anlytical Chemistry etc. to our future young scientists.

Forensic Science (SCIP2321)

Tug of War Robot (TECP1111)

Introduction of 3D Printing Technology and Application (TECS1021)

Glimpses of Modern Biotechnology (TECS4601)



Leadership Programmes

Delegation and Resources Allocation (LEAS2331)

Goal Setting and Project Management for Pioneers (LEAS1410)

Extraordinary Leadership (LEAS1160)