For Students

HKAGE’s Signature Event – Student-organised Event Series 1: “How a Gifted Mind Starts”

A childhood work created by a student member at the age of 4

"I was 4 when visiting the Prague Quadrennial, the exhibition of performance design and theater architecture, which holds every four years in Prague. While all the adults were having the long conversations at the dining table, for not being bored to death, I used my only resources to build this “architecture”, a dream. I used cutleries to build this little structure. I dreamed to be an architect since I was a little kid. Therefore, I would call my first piece as -- “dream-builder” "

gifted mind

Student-organised Event Series II – The Voice of Gifted Learners: “You say you know me, but do you?”

Held on 2 Dec, 2016 at the HKAGE

Promotion Video

Event Video and Behind the Scenes

JA Company Programme 16/17

Couple Scarf designed by student members who participated in JA Company Programme 16/17




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