For Students

Primary Programme

Let Us Shine!

This programme aims at facilitating gifted students to explore the identity of being gifted with peers through interactive activities. Students will learn to support each other in the course of this exploration and try to find the unique way to express their gifted self.



“1+1” Group

This course design is based on creative problem solving (CPS), through which parents and children can enhance creative problem solving skills, make innovations and achieve breakthroughs.

Parents and their child can improve communication through a range of parent-child activities as well.



Secondary Programme

Frivers’ Nite

This programme aims at providing gifted secondary students with a platform for networking with other gifted persons and facilitating their social and emotional development in the process of interactions.



 AE Workshops

These workshops focus on a range of common gifted intellectual and personality attributes that aim at providing gifted students with a positive outlook on life, allowing them to understand, accept and be proud of who they are along with aiming to find the meaning of their giftedness.