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Self Nomination for Secondary and Primary Students 2020/21

The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) endeavours to secure appropriate learning and development opportunities for gifted students aged 10 to 18 in Hong Kong.

HKAGE admits student members of appropriate ages mainly through the “School Nomination” and “Self Nomination” schemes every school year. Gifted students interested in being members of HKAGE are required to pass “Stage 1: HKAGE Online Learning Programmes for Screening” before they can submit their nomination profiles in “Stage 2: Submit Nomination Profiles” for further screening.  

One nomination will be arranged to be completed within a school year annually. 

202021 poster




Stage 1                HKAGE Online Learning Programmes for Screening
22 Sep 2020 Step 1  Briefing Sessions: Overall Arrangements for the Nomination Scheme
7 Sep 2020
(9:00 a.m.)
30 Oct 2020
(12:00 noon) 

Step 2  Apply for the HKAGE Online Learning Programmes for Screening

18 Nov 2020 Application Result Announcement (with Online Screening Programme Login Details) to Students’ Legal Guardians via Email 
19 Nov 2020
(9:00 a.m.)
26 Jan 2021
(12:00 noon)
Step 3  Complete the HKAGE Online Learning Programmes for Screening with a Pass to be Entitled for Nomination

Late Feb 2021

Online Screening Programme Result Announcement and Nomination Invitation via Email

Stage 2                          Submit Nomination Profiles
Mar 2021 Step 4  Briefing Sessions: Arrangements for Submission of Nomination Profiles and Operation of the Online Nomination Platform

Feb 2021
Mar 2021

Step 5  Submit Nomination Profiles for Further Screening through the Online Nomination Platform
Jun 2021 Step 6  Check Nomination Results and Register as Student Members through the Online Nomination Platform


1. Briefing Session for Parents and Students

A briefing session will be held for parents and students to familiarise them with the nomination scheme. Please register via online platform before the deadline.

Date and Time Venue Language Registration Registration Deadline
Cantonese Session
22 September 2020 (Tuesday)
7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Online real-time briefing session Cantonese Online application
(Click here)
20 Sep 2020
(12:00 noon)

Please click here for the briefing powerpoint (English).

(Cantonese with no subtitles)

2. HKAGE Online Learning Programmes for Screening

Important Documents

Please read the documents below before you start the application

Details and documents about the Nomination Scheme have been published on HKAGE website on 31 August 2020. Related documents are available for download at the links below:

  1. Timeline for Self Nomination
  2. Important Notice
  3. Frequently Asked Questions [Stage 1: Online Learning Programmes for Screening]
  4. Identification tools available at EDB website

Programme Application

Students’ Legal Guardians apply for ONE appropriate Online Screening Programme according to their child's outstanding performance or potential from 7 September (9:00 a.m.) to 30 October 2020 (12:00 noon) via online application (including upload a completed application form with the legal guardian's signature and school attendance document to the personal account).

For programme details about medium of instruction, reference duration, system requirement and other important remarks, please click “Programme Details” below for downloading the respective programme poster.

Programme Date and Time Programme Title (Course Code) Application Details Closing Date for Application
19 Nov 2020
(9:00 a.m.)
26 Jan 2021
(12:00 noon)
  1. 小學中文網上甄選學習課程 (2020-21) (NCLLO1121)
  2. Primary English Online Learning Programme for Screening (2020-21) (NELLO1222)
  3. 小學人文學科網上甄選學習課程 (2020-21)(NHUMO1611)
  4. Primary Mathematics Online Learning Programme for Screening (2020-21) (NMATO2920)
  5. Primary Science Online Learning Programme for Screening (2020-21) (NSCIO1391)
  6. 學中文網上甄選學習課程 (2020-21) (NCLLO1111)
  7. Secondary English Online Learning Programme for Screening (2020-21) (NELLO1212)
  8. Secondary Mathematics Online Learning Programme for Screening (2020-21) (NMATO3930)
  9. Secondary Science Online Learning Programme for Screening (2020-21) (NSCIO1301)

Programme Details
(Click here)

Online application
(Click here)

User manual for
online application (Click here)

30 Oct 2020
(12:00 noon)

3. Taking the Online Screening Programme

Students should complete the Online Screening Programme with a pass to be entitled to nominate as a student member. 

Programme Date and Time: within 19 November 2020 (09:00 a.m.) to 26 January 2021 (12:00 noon).

Platform of Online Screening Programme: TBC

Screening Criteria for HKAGE Student Membership

Screening by HKAGE is based on Dr Joseph Renzulli’s Three-Ring Conception of Giftedness, taking into consideration whether the student could benefit from the HKAGE programme provision.


  1. Above Average Abilities:
    General abilities: processing information, integrating experiences, and abstract thinking
    Specific abilities: the capacity to acquire knowledge and perform in an activity


  2. Creativity:
    Fluency, flexibility, and originality of thought, an openness to experience, sensitivity to stimulations, and a willingness to take risks

  3. Task Commitment:
    Perseverance, endurance, hard work, self-confidence, perceptiveness and a special fascination with a special subject





For enquiries, please contact Student Services Team at 3940 0101 (after language selection, press "2") or email to