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How to become a student member of the HKAGE?

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School Nomination
The HKAGE invites schools to nominate their students of appropriate age to the HKAGE every year. 

Primary School Nomination

Secondary School Nomination

Nurturing the Gifted Scheme

The HKAGE invites students of appropriate age with outstanding performance at the Hong Kong Physics Olympiad, International Mathematical Olympiad Preliminary Selection Contest – Hong Kong, International Junior Science Olympiad – Hong Kong Screening and the Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Award to join the screening for HKAGE members.

Please go to the respective webpages of the competitions through to see the competition details and regulations.
Through Web-based Learning Courses for Gifted/More Able Students (offered by EDB and HKAGE)
From 2016/17 school year, the HKAGE and the Education Bureau (EDB) will offer web-based learning courses which cover domains in Earth Science, Palaeontology, Astronomy, Mathematics and the Changing Hong Kong Economy for all gifted/more able students in primary 4 to secondary 6 in Hong Kong. Schools and students can apply for the courses via online application. Students of appropriate age who complete any one of the courses and pass the level 3 test will be invited to join the screening for HKAGE members.

About the courses
Please check out here and go to “Web-based Learning Courses for Gifted/More Able Students (offered by EDB and HKAGE)” section.

Self Nomination 
This is a nomination channel for parents to nominate their gifted children of appropriate age to the HKAGE.

Self Nomination for Primary Students

Self Nomination for Secondary Students

Requirements of student membership

(Updated in April 2018)

Primary student members

Secondary student members