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Learning Opportunities

We offer high quality and challenging programmes by collaborating with both local and overseas universities, non-government organisations and professional individuals and teachers. Learning at the Academy takes various forms: courses, talks, workshops, online learning, study tours and competitions etc. They are available at different levels to facilitate progressive learning. While suggested target participants are specified for each programme, students are encouraged to enrol in the programmes that suit their interests and actual abilities.

Rationale for Our Curriculum

We provide programmes and services to gifted students, taking into account their special needs in order to cultivate the spirit of intellectual exploration and self-directed learning; to enhance high-order thinking skills, such as creative thinking, critical thinking and problem-solving skills; and to facilitate student interactions and support to develop their full potential. We also aim to help gifted students optimise their interrelated intellectual and personality attributes constructively with the Learning Experiences & Services as well as to advocate affective development through a range of learning experiences and services for them.


Enrichment and Acceleration
Affective Education

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Key Learning Areas (KLAs)
Primary Secondary

Language and Humanities
- Chinese Language
- English Language
- Humanities
  (Personal, Social and Humanities Education)

- Chinese Language and Literature
- English Language and Literature
- Humanities

Mathematics and Sciences
- Mathematics
- Sciences
- Technology


- Sciences
- Technology
- Applied Learning

Leadership Leadership

User Guideline of Online Application
  1. Go to respective page of programmes / activities.
  2. Click “Online Application” under application details.
  3. Log-in with your HKAGE student number and fill in the form online.
  4. An on-screen confirmation page of your application will be shown after submission and an e-mail will be sent to you and your parent/guardian.
  5. The application result will be shown on the “Programme Application Result” platform (please refer to the information of individual programmes for the result announcement date). Successful applicants should fax/email the Confirmation Slip, with parent’s signature, to us before the submission deadline.
  6. If you decide to withdraw for a special reason after you submit the confirmation slip, please notify us in writing before the start of the activity.

Students are advised to check the programme schedule to ensure their availability before application and avoid applying for programmes which have time conflict.

To prevent emails from the HKAGE mistakenly being sent to the spam folder, student members are advised to add our email address to their email address book or contacts folder (Especially Yahoo Mail or Hotmail users ) so that all emails from the HKAGE will go directly to their inbox.