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Q&A session

Q1: When will the Token System become effective?

A: The Token system will become effective starting February 18th 2013 Student members need one token to apply for a Token-required programmes after this date.

Q2: What types of programmes are Token-required and what types are Non-token-required?


Token-required Programmes
Non-token-required Programmes
1. Credit-bearing Courses
2. Other Face-to-face programmes:
    a. Courses (Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced)
    b. Workshops
1. Talks
2. Competitions
3. Online Learning Programmes
4. Mentoring
5. Sharing sessions
6. Other activities

Q3: Can I apply for a Token-required programme when I do not have any Token?

A: No, students are required to wait until the first working day of March, July and November for an automatic Token dispensation. One Token will be given to each student without any Token on the above-mentioned dates.

Q4: What is the maximum number of Tokens a student can have?

A: A student can accumulate as many as 10 tokens.

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