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How does the Token System work?

Each new student member is granted 5 electronic Tokens upon their admission to the HKAGE. One Token will be deducted when a Token-required programme is applied for. Students should make sure that they have sufficient number of Tokens before applying for a Token-required programme. A Non-Token-required programme does not deduct any token.

The Token will be reimbursed in the following four situations, when:

  1. Students withdraw their application online before the application deadline;

  2. The application is rejected by the HKAGE.

  3. Students are put on the waiting list;

  4. Students receive an offer from the HKAGE and return the confirmation slip before the confirmation slip return deadline;

           Workflow for Token Reimbursement


  1. Students can withdraw from an applied programme before the application deadline by submitting the completed Programme Withdrawal Form electronically on the web page Learning Opportunities in Students Zone. (
    Once withdrawn, students are not allowed to re-apply for the same programme.
    After the application deadline, students can only withdraw from the applied programme by phone/fax/email stated on the poster.
  2. One Token will be deducted if a student withdraws from a Token-required programme AFTER submitting the confirmation slip.

  3. One extra Token will be awarded to students who have completed a Token-required programme with attendance/graduation certificates. A student can accumulate up to 10 Tokens. The more tokens a student acquires, the more courses s/he can apply for.

All students should note that the Token will be withheld by the HKAGE when:

  1. Student members are waiting for the results announcement;
  2. Student members do not return the confirmation slip before the deadline.




  1. Two Tokens will be deducted at the end of the Token-required programme for students with zero attendance (without leave application before the commencement day of the programme).
  2. Students failing to submit the confirmation slip before the deadline will be considered as withdrawal from the course.

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