For Students

Inclement Weather Arrangement and Control Measures for Communicable Diseases

Inclement Weather Arrangement for Student Programmes/Activities

  1. If the Education Bureau (EDB) announces that all whole-day schools classes will be cancelled due to inclement weather, all programmes/activities of the HKAGE will be suspended or cancelled.
  2. For outdoor activities and special events, students will be informed individually or via the HKAGE’s website.
  3. For cancelled programmes/activities, students will be informed of the make-up class arrangement. Classes cancelled and make-up classes due to inclement weather will be excluded in the calculation of attendance.

Control Measures for Communicable Diseases

In order to avoid the spread of infections, sick students should avoid going to classes/activities. The suitable time for them to return to classes/activities depends on the nature of the diseases and the individual situations. Students diagnosed with communicable diseases should report immediately to the HKAGE for our necessary follow up.

For updated guidelines, please refer to the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) website at or the Education Bureau (EDB) website