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Research Projects 

Projects Completed Completion Date Deliverable(s)

Opinion Survey of HKAGE Students and Alumni

October 2016 Research Report

Parent Perception Survey

October 2016 Research Report
HKDSE Performance of HKAGE Alumni (How Well Did They Perform in Public Exam) July 2015

Research Report 

Relationships amongst student expectations on HKAGE,
actual benefits from HKAGE and life satisfaction
July 2015

Research Report

A Study on the Experience with Early Admission March 2015 Research Report
Student Programme: “A Date with Perfectionism” - Evaluation of the 2-day workshop October 2013 Research Report
Positive life experiences of gifted youth in Hong Kong October 2013 Research Report
Adjustment issues among gifted youth in Hong Kong

October 2013

Research Report
Towards a multifaceted understanding of gifted underachievement November 2012 Research Note

Using the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test to identify gifted children

April 2012

Report (For internal use only)

Appendix I: Comparison of the major features of 10 cognitive ability tests