Recent Research Projects 

Projects Completed Completion Date Deliverable(s)

Exploration of Course Enrolment Patterns of HKAGE Student Members using Logical Itemset Mining (LISM) with Answer Set Programming (ASP)

November  2020 Research Report
Review of the Impact of International Physics Olympiads (IPhO) Training on Gifted Alumni November  2019 Research Report
Analysis of Telephone Survey Results on Student Satisfaction using Bayesian Network (BN) Approach with Latent Variables  November  2018 Research Report

Analysis of Argumentation Techniques of Gifted Students by Investigating Their Live Scripts in the Public Examination on Liberal Studies 

November  2017 Research Report

Functional Data Analysis (FDA) of Longitudinal Data of Alumni’s Quarter Completions of Courses and Workshops 

November 2017 Research Report

Opinion Survey of HKAGE Students and Alumni

October 2016 Research Report

Parent Perception Survey

October 2016 Research Report
Relationship between Student Performance at HKAGE and Their HKDSE Results November 2015

Research Report

Relationships amongst student expectations on HKAGE,
actual benefits from HKAGE and life satisfaction
July 2015

Research Report