Course / Programme Categories

Foundation Course Programme to increase the awareness of parents on gifted education; obtain basic/ general understanding of giftedness, characteristics and needs of gifted children as well as parenting issues
Intermediate Course Programme to acquire the knowledge and skills of specific areas of gifted parenting, such as career planning and addressing developmental issues of gifted adolescence
Advanced Course In-depth study of specific areas that incorporates theory and practice, such as understanding and helping the gifted underachiever and counseling the gifted
Special Events Parent Orientation, Parent Conference and Annual Hotung Lecture (with certain quota)

Forms of programmes:

  • Parent Seminar
  • Parent Workshop
  • Parent-child Parallel Group
  • Parent Peer Support Group

Credit-based System for Certification

  1. Credit Calculation Method for Certification
    • Attending each session in workshop, seminar or group will get 2 credits
    • Parents can choose any programmes according to their needs and interests. The calculation will be from August-July in each year
    • Credits will be accumulated up to July and certificates will be presented in late July/early August
  2. Parents who meet the following requirements will be issued a certificate:
    • The Foundation Certificate will be awarded after completion of 10 credits.
    • The Intermediate Certificate will be awarded after completion of 16 credits.
    • The Advanced Certificate will be awarded after completion of 20 credits.
    • The Honorary Certificate will be awarded after completion of 24 credits.