Parent Education Programme

The parent education programmes are intended to help parents understand giftedness and to equip them with the knowledge and skills so that they can nurture their children in a supportive home environment.

We provide different learning opportunities ranging from the basic and introductory programmes to the comprehensive and intensive courses for parents with varied backgrounds. We aim to:

  • enhance parents' understanding of gifted education;
  • strengthen the parenting skills of parents with gifted children; and
  • provide a platform where parents can interactively learn from each other.
imageHEART The parents acquire relevant knowledge and skills of facilitating their gifted child’s socio-emotional development through joining programmes such as emotional coaching, counselling the gifted etc. Parents’ confidence in handling the related issues would be enhanced.
imageKNOWLEDGE Through participating in different PEPs such as understanding gifted child, nurturing higher order thinking and developing creativity etc that parents can recognise various theories and relevant approaches of development.
imageAWARENESS Parents' capability and parenting skills are enhanced through acquiring effective strategies in nurturing their gifted child on a range of topics such as emotional management and behaviour modification, executive functioning and parent-child communication.
imageGROWTH PEP provides parents with opportunities of broadening their horizons and addressing their well-being. Workshops on the topic such as mindfulness, parent-child parallel group, parent support group are organised for this purpose. Parents’ growth in terms of conception, competence and values are crucial to the growth of their gifted children.
imageEFFECTIVENESS Through participating in different programmes, the parents of gifted children can develop a healthy outlook of life and a positive attitude in becoming an effective parent. They are able to develop an understanding of their children, themselves and relevant skills.