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Consultation and Assessment Centre

The HKAGE understands and recognises the critical role that parents and teachers play; hence the Consultation and Assessment Centre has been established to provide parents and teachers with information and advice on nurturing their gifted children (aged 10-18). We also provide modestly charged counselling service to meet their individual needs.

  1. Free Frontline Services

    The Consultation and Assessment Centre provides free consultation services for parents of gifted children in the school system who face issues or problems in parenting gifted children (aged 10-18).  We also welcome inquiries about our Academy as well as gifted education in general.

    A free phone and email hotline is manned by a Guidance Counsellor who provides information and advice for parents.

    Hotline (852) 3940 0106
    Operating hours

    Monday to Friday (closed on public holidays)
    11.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.

  2. Charged Second-line Services

    * The Education Bureau employs a broad definition of giftedness according to Education Commission Report No. 4 (1990). Children who demonstrate exceptional achievement or potential in one or more of the following areas or domains are considered as gifted.

    • Specific academic aptitude in a subject area;
    • Creative thinking;
    • Superior talent in the visual and performing arts;
    • Natural leadership of peers;
    • A high level of measured intelligence;
    • Psychomotor ability - outstanding performance in athletics, mechanical skills or other areas requiring fine motor coordination.

    ** The Joint Commission on Twice Exceptional Children (2009) suggested a working definition of twice exceptionality: “Twice-exceptional children who have evidence of the potential for high achievement capability in areas such as specific academics; general intellectual ability; creativity; leadership; and/or visual, spatial, or performing arts AND also have evidence of one or more disabilities as defined by federal or state eligibility criteria such as specific learning disabilities; speech and language disorders; emotional/behavioural disorders; physical disabilities; autism spectrum; or other health impairments such as ADHD.”

Assessment Services
Consultation with Guidance Counsellor will be conducted prior to the assessment by our Psychologist. Due to large demand on our services, the average waiting time is 4 months or above.

Types of Assessment: Fee
WISC-IV (HK)* HKD 4200
HKT-P (III)* HKD 2000
HKT-JS (II)* HKD 2000

*The assessment includes intake, administration of test, feedback and report.

Counselling Service

This charged service is provided for parents or gifted children (if appropriate) whose conditions are complex.  These might include children who are multi-exceptional or who are underachievers.

Counselling service

$500 per 50-min session

For details about the charged second-line services, please call 3940 0106.

Education Commission. (1990). Education Commission report no. 4. Hong Kong: Government Printer.

Joint Commission on Twice Exceptional Students. (2009). “Definition of twice-exceptional students”. The evolution of understanding the twice exceptional learner: A symposium on research needs and policy development of programs for twice-exceptional children, Storrs, CT.