Consultation and Assessment Centre

The Consultation and Assessment Centre is established to provide support to students and parents on the special developmental and affective needs related to giftedness.

We provide free hotline services for parents with information and advice on nurturing gifted children. We also provide charged assessment and face-to-face consultation / counselling services to meet their individual needs.

Student and their parents are welcome to use the following services.

  1. Free Frontline Services

    A free phone and email hotline is manned by our professional staff who will provide information and advice to our parents who face issues or challenges in parenting their gifted children.

    Hotline (852) 3940 0101 After language selection, press "5"
    Operating hours

    Monday to Friday (closed on public holidays)
    11.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.

  2. Charged Second-line Services

Face to Face Consultation / Counselling Service

The service is provided by our Clinical Psychologist to students and/or their parents who are facing challenges in their development as a gifted student.

Counselling service

$500 per 50-min session

For details about the charged second-line services, please call 3940 0106.

Assessment Services

Assessment on the Affective (Social-Emotional) Needs of Gifted Students

This assessment addresses issues relating to areas of social, emotional or behavioural functioning. It may help understand gifted children and youth who are displaying:

  • emotional or behavioural difficulties;
  • difficulties in school learning;
  • difficulties in getting along with others (peers, family); and/or
  • poor self-esteem.

This service will be provided by our Clinical or Educational Psychologist. There will be two assessment sessions (one for the parent(s) and one for the child/youth), each lasting for about 1.5-2 hours. Afterwards, a psychological report and a debriefing session will be provided to the parent(s).

The assessment includes:

  • interview with the parent(s);
  • parent questionnaires;
  • teacher report;
  • behavioural observation and interview with the child or youth; and
  • student questionnaires and projective testing.

In order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the child/youth, parents are expected to present a valid intellectual assessment report of their child. For those students without a previous intellectual assessment, an IQ assessment (1.5 hours) using WISC-IV(HK) will be arranged.

Target:         Gifted students aged 6-16 (priority will be given to HKAGE student members)

Fees:          HK$6,000 (an extra fee of HK$2,500 for the additional IQ assessment)

For enquiries, please call our Consultation and Assessment Centre hotline at 3940 0101 (after language selection, press “5”).

The HKAGE has temporarily suspended intellectual assessment requests starting 1 March 2018 until further notice.  

Parents who would like to learn more about the characteristic of gifted students may refer to the guidelines provided by the Education Bureau (

Parents who are looking for intellectual assessment for their children may approach the following organisations for services:

1. Chinese University of Hong Kong – Department of Psychology – Clinical and Health Psychology Centre (Hotline: 3943 1073)

2.The Education University of Hong Kong – Integrated Centre for Wellbeing (Hotline: 2948 8383)

3.The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association (Hotline: 2866 6388)

4. Heep Hong Society (Hotline: 2777 9938)

5. Fu Hong Society (Hotline: 2324 1678)

6. SAHK (Hotline: 2866 3236)

7. Caritas Hong Kong – Family services (Hotline: 2843 4668)

8. Christian Family Service Centre (Hotline: 2950 8101)

9. St. James’ Settlement Uncle James Child Development Centre (Hotline: 2186 8451)

10.The Hong Kong Psychological Society (more information on intellectual assessment, please visit