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International Junior Science Olympiad 2020 - Hong Kong Screening



All the information of the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) 2020 - Hong Kong Screening can be downloaded from the following. (Applications are to be made via school).

  1. IJSO - Hong Kong Screening Introduction (to be uploaded)
  2. Competition Details and Regulations (to be uploaded)
  3. Online Registration Platform (to be open)
  4. IJSO Syllabus (for reference only) (to be uploaded)
  5. Past IJSO Hong Kong Screening Questions

Competition Details

Date: 28 Sep 2019 (Sat)
Time: 3:00p.m. – 4:00p.m. (be seated at 2:30pm; make announcement at 2:45pm)

To be confirmed

Important Dates

Date Activity
3 Jun 2019 (Mon) Issue of EDB Circular Memorandum about the IJSO 2020 - Hong Kong Screening
20 Jun 2019 (Thu) (TBC) Online Registration Platform opens for application
12:00 n.n., 6 Sept 2019 (Fri) (TBC) Deadline of online application
5:00 p.m., 20 Sept 2019 (Fri) (TBC) Results of applications release on this website
28 Sept 2019 (Sat) IJSO 2020 - Hong Kong Screening
18 Nov 2019 (Sat) IJSO 2020 - Hong Kong Screening Prize-giving cum Flag Presentation Ceremony



For enquires, please contact us on 3940 0101 after language selection, press "1" or by email to