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Science Academy for Young Talent - Summer Courses 2018



Established by the Faculty of Science, CUHK in 2010, Science Academy for Young Talent is dedicated to nurturing secondary school students who are talented in science by providing different enrichment courses. This summer, the Academy is offering 19 summer courses:

Category I-University Credit Bearing

(Students who complete the course and meet its requirement can apply for credit exemption when they study at CUHK)

  1. SAYT1014 Towards Modern Algebra
  2. SAYT1034 Complex Numbers and Analytic Geometry
  3. SAYT1114 Number Theory and Cryptography
  4. SAYT1134 Towards Differential Geometry
  5. SAYT1214 Understanding Non-Euclidean Geometry
  6. SAYT1005 Introduction to University Physics
  7. SAYT1006 Risk Management and Actuarial Science

Category II-Academy Credit Bearing

(Student can accumulate credits which will be regarded as “Other Learning Experiences” when applying university)

  1. CUSA1016 An Exploration Through Data: Statistics in Actions
  2. CUSA1021 Analysis in Modern Chemistry
  3. CUSA1031 The Chemistry and Chemical Analysis of Biomolecules
  4. CUSA1041 Essentials of Organic Chemistry
  5. CUSA1003 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: An Introduction
  6. CUSA1013 Great Discoveries in Biomedical Sciences
  7. CUSA2023 Introduction to Bionics
  8. CUSA2043 An Ocean of Inspiration and Beauty
  9. CUSA3003 Biological Science Student Knowledge Enhancement Course
  10. CUSA1035 Mysteries in the Atomic World
  11. CUSA1045 Discovering the Universe
  12. CUSA1007 Climate Physics and Chemistry

These courses are designed for students ranging from S1 to S6. Subjects include mathematics, statistics, chemistry, life sciences, physics and earth system science. The application period starts from 3 April to 18 May. For details and application, please visit: