Academic Programme Development Division

The Academic Programme Development Division provides programmes and services to gifted students, taking into account their special needs in order to cultivate the spirit of intellectual exploration and self-directed learning; to enhance high-order thinking skills, such as creative thinking, critical thinking and problem-solving skills; and to facilitate student interactions and support to develop their full potential.

We offer high quality and challenging programmes by collaborating with both local and overseas universities, non-government organisations and professional individuals and teachers. Learning at the Academy takes various forms: courses, talks, workshops, online learning, study tours and competitions etc. They are available at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels to facilitate progressive learning.

Advanced Learning Experiences Division

The Advanced Learning Experiences Division aims to provide individualised, personalised and challenging learning opportunities for high ability gifted students who are well prepared to meet these challenges. We look for the ones who show outstanding readiness, commitment and interest. We collaborate with local and overseas institutions/organizations to develop and engage the selected students with prestigious learning experiences for their further advancement and development.

We hope our accomplished individuals could become community innovators/leaders to contribute to the Academy and the society.

Affective Education Division

The Affective Education Division aims to help gifted students optimise their interrelated intellectual and personality attributes constructively with the Learning Experiences & Services as well as to advocate affective development through a range of learning experiences and services for gifted students, parents and gifted education practitioners.

Research Division
The Research Division of the HKAGE was set up in 2012. Currently, its staff establishment comprises five full-time staff members. The important functions of the division are to provide quality information and research support for monitoring the quality of services delivered and assessing the learning impacts. These are achieved by generating regular statistical reports, conducting internal research projects and collaborating with other institutions and organisations. In addition, the division aims to promote the awareness and better understanding of gifted education in Hong Kong by disseminating evidence-based findings via knowledge sharing and academic exchanges.