Dear Visitor

Welcome to our website! The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education is committed to leading and promoting gifted education. This website is built to provide all our stakeholders with information and advice on gifted education. We will provide a rich and powerful online experience for all stakeholders as our own resources and capacity are developed in due course. For the moment, there are three main zones:

  •     Student Zone
  •     Parent Zone
  •     Teacher Zone

The “Parent Zone” and “Teacher Zone” contain information that is appropriate for the respective stakeholders. You will see sections devoted to “Resources” and “Articles”. Meanwhile, these sections will be extended to cover a wide range of topics that are of relevance to a better understanding of giftedness.

We hope that navigation is straightforward. Across the top of the page, there is a main navigation bar with drop-down menus that will take you to different zones and the information you need.

Our objective is to produce a highly functional and interactive site that will provide not only information and advice but also online registration facility, e-learning platforms, learning communities, and useful links with sites around the world. It is our intention to offer as much information as we can in Chinese to widen access to all communities in Hong Kong. As the site grows, please let us know how we can improve further. We want to hear from you.

Our children are entitled to an educational experience that is appropriate to their needs. Their gifts are valuable resources both for themselves and for Hong Kong. We have much to do to promote gifted education in Hong Kong. By working and collaborating with you, we shall achieve our mission sooner. Let’s join hands and move towards the goal!

The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education